Monday, August 2, 2010

Future Sewing Room

I have a new sewing room in the works!  The walls were painted with a lighter shade and I sponged painted them with one shade darker paint.  It was just something new that I wanted to try since I've had the sponge for years and never tried it.  I finished stenciling last week.

Below is a toy sewing machine that inspired me to make the sewing machine stencil that I used.

I bought this sweet little toy sewing machine at an antique shop over 25 years ago.  It doesn't sew, but it makes a really cute decoration.

My kids, Ron and Jamie, helped me roll up the old carpet and throw it out the window, which was much easier than carrying through the house.  I've never threw something out the window before--it was a great feeling.  Many years ago I had a lemon sewing machine and I felt like throwing it out the window, but I behaved--oh well that's another story.

Now I'm deciding on what type of flooring I want.  There are too many choices out there.  Do I want hardwood, carpet, or laminate?  I will have to shop around for prices.  I also want to redo the closet, which has painted over wallpaper in it that needs to be scraped out--what a mess!  I have already updated three of the closets in our home over the last six years.  It's a lot of work, but well worth the extra storage room it creates.

My husband will be rewiring and adding new outlets.  The weather here has been very hot and humid and I'm not going to ask him to work in the attic until it cools off.  We also want to finish up our outside projects first, but I have a great start and my old sewing room is still in working order while I'm waiting.

Happy Quilting,

Kay Lynne 


Needled Mom said...

I LOVE that stencil!!!! Great job! It will be such a fabulous sewing studio when you are finished.

Lisa said...

Love the stenciling, great room. And I'd go with carpeting, I think it's easier to vacuum up those stray thread and fabric bits then it is to chase them around with a broom.

Sandra said...

The details in your stencils really compliment the toy sewing machine. This is really looking nice!