Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Monday we were surprised by a late snow.  It's slowly getting warmer here in Ohio!
There may not be much going on in the farm fields, but there's a lot of paperwork and machinery being worked on.
Hope you are having a Happy Easter and some time with family!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne

Monday, March 25, 2013

It's All About the Feathers!

 Above is a small wall hanging that I made for a sample for a free motion quilting class I want to teach in the future.  When I quilt my feathers, I always mark the stem with a chalk line.  The feather plumes themselves are free handed in.  If you like feathers like I do, keep on practicing drawing them.  If drawing them is a problem, practice tracing your favorite feathers.  The more you practice the more it will become second nature.  Once you can draw them, you can free motion quilt them.
Your feathers will be unique and I promise you that they will not look like mine.
They will probably look better!  

The above picture is a feather made to fill in an empty space.
I am using this pattern I made up myself on my quilt challenge.

While I was shopping this week, I found a feather to hang on my sewing room wall for inspiration!
I have never quilted my feathers like this one, but it gives me some ideas for in the future.
There is inspiration everywhere I look!

Happy Quilting and Feathering!

Kay Lynne


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Donation Quilts & Fellowship

Last week our quilt club worked on donation quilts.
I finished one quilt that is pictured above.

My quilting friends are camera sky, but not quilt shy!

 It was a really fun time and fellowship with friends.
The friendship star quilt below will bring a smile to someone in need.

Check out this wonderful sewing machine!
The only problem was Jill didn't forget to take it home.
I would have gladly babysat this beautiful machine for a few days.

 I see that Zeke told you all about the quilt challenge that I'm working on.
Below is a little peek.
I will do a whole write up after my quilt has been judged.

Below is Lady.
She is a special dog that keeps my parents company.
Isn't she sweet!
I don't think Zeke would like her very much because she would love chasing him!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Am Zeke Not Zelda

Hi Everybody!
Do you remember me?
I posted for Kay at New Year's time
There have been a lot of things that have happened in my kitty life.
I was born in rural Ohio in a barn.
Dean found and took me home with him this last summer.  Dean claimed that he didn't like cats, but he likes me.
It must be my good looks or my great personality!
My future master heard that Dean and Kay had me; he drove to pick me up one weekend.
It has been love ever since.
There have been some strange things that have happened like he changed my name from Zelda to Zeke!
I guess I'm a boy--oh well that doesn't change a thing!
I love my apartment in the city, but I miss my farmhouse in Ohio.
Maybe my master will take me for a visit soon.

I heard my master and Kay on the phone talking so here's my chance to get on the computer.
Kay has been so busy quilting; I am taking the liberty of posting for her!

She has been working on a quilt challenge.
The theme this year is call "Veiled in Mystery".
Kay has been really secretive about this quilt project because she wants to surprise everyone with a special story of her project in late April or early May.
She is also excited to see how all the other quilter's projects will turn out.
I wonder if she is doing a quilt on me!
After all, I am a cat "Veiled in Mystery"! 

Happy Quilting!


P.S.  Please don't tell Kay that I posted!  I've already gotten into too much trouble this week.  What's wrong with trying to climb up a banner hanging on a wall or digging up those pesky house plants?