Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rainy Dayz Project, Planting Trees, & Sand Art

It has been a rainy week so I decided to try out the pattern that my sister, Jenny designed for Studios magazine.

I used this sewing mat project to practice my free motion quilting. 

Make sure you get a good close-up look at the button I found.  I couldn't believe that the feathers on the button and the colors were a perfect match.  I didn't plan it that way.

I did sew Velcro at the top of the pockets on the inside so I would not lose any sewing notions while going to a class.  This pattern was really fun to put together and a practical tool when space is at a premium in a sewing class room.  I'm also planning on using it in my sewing studio.

It has been too wet to plant the fields.  Dean had to plant something so he planted trees!

This time of year Dean is getting the farm machinery ready for spring planting.  Hopefully, we will have some dry warm weather so we can get our field planting started.

It's been cold here, but the spring flowers are blooming.  My mind tells me its spring, but my body says it still cold outside.

I was going to post more in the International Quilt Show, but decided to share a very special artist from my corner of the world.  His name is Roger Powell.  He does a sand sculpture during the Easter season.  His work is really a true work of art.

 Hope you all have a safe and Happy Easter!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cincinnati International Quilt Festival & Friday Night Sew In Results

I spent last weekend at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.  It was a wonderful show!  I met a wonderful quilt artist, Hiroko Miyama.  The quilt above is a picture of her granddaughter. Her quilt is absolutely amazing! 

Here is another quilt that Hiroko displayed at the quilt show.  I love her little friend at the bottom of the quilt.  Be sure to click on the pictures to see the details of her quilt.  Thank you so much for sharing your quilt with us and letting me share with my blogging friends your wonderful artistic quilts.

My sister is going to be really happy!  If you have been following my blog, the quilt below was sandwiched together on a February Friday Night Sew In.

After a lot of doodling on my sketch pad and talking with my sis, I finally started quilting.

Em will be delighted that I quilted Buddy's name on her quilt.  

I quilted around each of the rectangular areas.  There will be more quilting to do, but I ran out of time.  If you click for a close-up, you will see that I quilted the words: bark, wolf, and howl on the sides.  It sure is fun to take an evening and escape into my sewing room to do something fun!

If you love decorated eggs, please stop by Diane Gaudynski's Blog.  A while back Diane had posted a picture of a beautiful decorated egg and I emailed her some pictures of my cousin's eggs.  Carolyn and Diane have been in contact and Carolyn has generously let Diane post her beautiful eggs.  Diane is a free motion quilt teacher and author.  I love her free motion feathers!

Happy Quilting

Kay Lynne

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Mom's Sewing Room Fabric Clock, Spring Cleaning and Fire Safety

I have had Mom's Birthday present ready for a while, but I didn't want her to see her present on internet!  I wanted her to receive it first!  Linda from Soft Clox inspired my design!  Stop by and tell her I sent you.  I just love her designs!  I have a Butterfly design that I bought from her that I want to make in the near future.

 I've been spring cleaning at my house and decided to clean out my clothes dryer.  It hasn't been drying very well which tells me that it's time to take it apart and clean it.  I always pull the dryer out at least once a year to make sure there is not lint buildup, but I've never taken the front of the dryer off before.  I'm sure glad that I did!

I found this mess!  How all that lint got deposited by the heating element--I don't know!  I even found a rubber band and an ear plug!

I also found this!  Sorry the picture is a little blurred, but I thought that "a picture is worth a million words"!  We are blessed!  I'm glad that I didn't wait on Dean to do this job.  I will be taking the front of the dryer off every year and cleaning the lint out.  Please check your dryer or have someone check and clean it out this spring for you.  I don't want anyone to have a fire in their home!

Happy Quilting and Spring Cleaning!

Kay Lynne

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mary Ellen's Best Press Product Review , Other Sewing, & The Weather's Changing

Sometimes as a Quilter I have fabric that I can press and there's still a stubborn wrinkle that refuses to go away.  Several years ago I ran across Mary Ellen's Best Press.

So I thought that I would give it a try and to my surprise I found that it really works great.  I only use it if I have a fabric that doesn't want to press because I'm frugal and I'd rather spend money on thread or fabric.

 It does make life easier when you have wrinkles that just won't go away.  You can also use it when your husband needs a shirt pressed in a hurry, but that never happens at our house! 

I did do some sewing this week.  There's been a new jacket that the sleeves needed to be shortened.  A few buttons to be sewn on and a cuff to be mended.  

Basketball season is slowing coming to a close and

baseball is just around the corner!

I am really looking forward  to the warmer weather after such a cold winter.

I've been really busy at the bakery this week and hope you enjoy the few pictures that I took with my phone.

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne