Saturday, November 30, 2013

Being Thankful and Sewing Room Tip of the Day

I have been missing in action on my blog lately.
Life has been so busy and so many circumstances have prevented me from having time to post.
We did get through harvest, which seemed to go on forever this year.
I am very thankful that our family and other farming families in our area had a safe harvest.
The long hours and working with big machinery is a recipe for a farm accident, but we try our best to be safety minded.  
There have been some health issues with a family member that has made our family extremely thankful for all the wonderful relationships that we have nurtured through the years.
 I have a new job!
I am a sewing machine mechanic and quilting teacher!
It has been an adjustment, but it works perfectly with my schedule.

Last winter I was working on a Christmas quilt.  I am hoping to have it on my bed by Christmas!
We will see what happens :)

I also started another quilt because I couldn't wait!  
Have you ever brought a book home and couldn't wait to get the project started even though you know you shouldn't.
Oh well--I guess that is where the term UFO's comes from in the quilting world.

Here is another sewing room tip:
Organize your quilting books by category.
It saves time and frustration trying to find a book that you need.
Thanks Mom for the tip of the day :) 

Hope everyone has had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quilts, Harvest, Sewing Room Tip, and Baby Logan

Several weeks ago my quilt club had a mini quilt show at a local barn tour.

I thought it was neat the way they had it set up with all the traditional quilts on right side and the more modern quilt on the left.  The Grandmother's Fan on the left is my quilt. 

Check out the neat barn quilt!
Barn quilts seem to be getting popular in Ohio. 
The barn quilts seem to make the farm/city a warmer and more welcoming place.

Harvest has been going on in Ohio and last weekend we had a lot of rain, but we're all back in the fields harvesting this weekend.  Rain is in the forecast so farmers are rushing to get their beans harvested before it rains again.

Here is my sewing room tip:
I put all my used needles in an old pill bottle.
This way you can safely dispose of your needles and it keeps them away from curious pets and kids.

I would like you to meet Baby Logan.
I am his Great Aunt and we will have to make a trip down south to see him.
There is a baby quilt on the way to keep him warm during the winter months.
Sorry I was in such a big hurry to ship it that I forgot to take a picture, but this picture is just as sweet as can be.
Welcome to the world Logan!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne