Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Veiled In Mystery Quilt Challenge

I have given you a few sneak peeks of my quilt challenge.
Now that my quilt is hanging at the Sauder's Quilt Show, it's not a secret anymore.
My design wall was used a lot this winter.
The theme of the challenge was "veiled in mystery".
I thought of all the things that seem to be veiled in mystery to me.
Heaven, humming birds, and stars came to mind, which all lead to our Creator.
I have been fascinated by the humming birds that visit our feeder all summer long and the stars.
So my idea evolved into thread painting this copyrighted picture from Vic Murayama.
He had given me permission to thread paint artist renditions of his photos.

I used water several layers soluble stabilizer and bridal veil tulle.

I dissolved the stabilizer and cut away the tulle after I was finished.
My little friend was sewed on with invisible thread and the bottom feather was purposely left loose.

I just love how my little humming bird came out.
Below are my paper pieced stars.

I promise I will post a picture of my finished project later.
This was a fun project!
Thanks Mom for talking me into entering into the challenge!
Thanks to my quilting friends and my sister for giving me some ideas to try.
I learned some new techniques, which I will share in my next post.
This weekend I will be enjoying the Sauder's Quilt Show with my Mom.
Congratulations to all the winners at the quilt show :)

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


Needled Mom said...

Your hummer is gorgeous as are the stars. Great job!

Carol said...

Kay your needlework is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.