Monday, December 20, 2010

My New Sewing Room and I'm Proud of My Sis

This last week I've been slowly moving in my sewing room.  This is my cutting table and the wall on the right will be a design wall.  I haven't had time to make it, but that is the plan.  All extra scissors and razor blade knives are in the glass mug.  Rotary cutters are in the basket on the table.  DVD's are in a basket.  Quilt rulers all have a special place.  I don't have a storage plan for scraps yet, but there will be when I'm finished.  If you have any ideas for storage on scraps that are smaller than a fat quarter that would look great on a small shelf, I would appreciate it.

The space of this room is more than doubled from my old sewing room.  I had grafted out all my furniture on graft paper and played around with ideas for several months before I came up with something that is workable.  My serger table can also be used as a pressing and cutting table.

One corner has all my books and magazines.  My husband thinks that I should scan off all the magazines and store them on DVD, but I still like having a magazine to curl up in bed to look at.  The small cabinet with all the drawers was bought over 15 years ago to store all my sewing notions.  It's a pretty convenient place to store buttons, thread, needles, and anything else that is small.

This cabinet below was refinished this summer and I tiled the door.  I'm using it to store cone thread.

 After the holidays, Dean is going to install a new closet door so my fabric won't fade.  

 Over 25 years ago my grandfather built my sewing cabinet.  It comes in three sections.  Both of the side sections have three large drawers.  The center holds my machine and there's also a hutch for open storage and display.  The racks on the side for serger thread are really convenient, but are dust catchers.  I've thought about putting some clear plastic over the cones, but haven't made a decision yet.

I've become used to having a bulletin board in front of where I work.  It's convenient to hang patterns where I can see them.  I also hung my small quilting rulers where I can see them.  If they are in my site, they will be used!

The only new piece of furniture I bought was this ottoman.  It opens up for storage and also is nice for hubby to sit down on when he wants to see what I'm up to.

I've had this storage cube for a long time, but wanted to show you how I use it to store my dress patterns and long rulers.  It's amazing how some little hooks can make life so much easier.  Before I had a place to hang quilting rulers, I would spend a lot of wasted time looking for them.  Now everything has a special place so I can find it when I need it. 

My younger sister is a co-author of a new Ohio 4-H Quilting Project Book!  What an amazing project!  I'm so happy that the kids in Ohio have a project book to get them started.  I can't wait to have the hard copy in my hands!  I had the honor of proofreading the rough draft :)  We all need to remember to teach the younger generation our quilting skills and build wonderful relationships along the way.

I just have to say:
I'm so proud of my sis!
She is nine years younger than I am and I have sweet memories of Jen and me at Mom's 201 Singer working on 4-H projects.  She can tell you how I made her sew every seam herself with my supervision when Mom couldn't be there.  Now she does great things with her sewing machine!
Congratulations to everyone that helped put this project book together!

Happy Quilting & Merry Christmas!

Kay Lynne


Sandra said...

Looks like your sewing room is all set to go. It must be a relief to have see your plan come to life. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

Anne said...

Love your sewing room! I see that you have a Singer 301. I have one just like yours. They are great machines.

Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

Wow - what an amazing sewing room!!! We are currently developing our basement and I get a sewing room so I LOVE to see how everyone sets theirs up for ideas!