Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thread Painted Warbler

I wanted to do something special for my sister, Jenny, for Christmas.  She has hinted around about wanting a thread painted bird from me.  I wanted to a little bird that fitted her personality and I picked out a Warbler, which is an Ohio bird.

I used water soluble stabilizer on the top and bottom of my quilted wall hanging.  I was so surprised at how this prevented the puckering so I didn't have to use a hoop.  Its fun to see how a little colored thread and a sewing machine can make a little bird come to life. 

I want to thank
Vic Murayama
for giving me permission to thread paint his picture.
  Vic made a trip to Ohio this year and took some wonderful pictures of Ohio birds.

Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season where the birth of forgiveness started a long time ago.

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


Carol said...

Your sister is very lucky to have such a beautiful present from you! I just love your sewing techniques, Kay. I hope you had a merry Christmas too!

Carol (NJ)

Quilting By Jeannie said...

You have such amazing talent. Love the warbler

P. said...

You definitely have a gift for thread painting. Your quilting really sets it off beautifully too. I bet Jenny was thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Kay Lynne it wonderful well done and lucky sister,happy 2012.xx

Ma.Estela said...

Very beautiful.....I admire your work!....