Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thread Painting Tips

 This week I taught a thread painting class at Sew Nice.
I was amazed at how fast my students learned to thread paint.
There was so much information that I gave them that I wanted to post a few reminders and a picture is worth a thousand words.
The picture above is a sample of what we did.

Here are the reminders:
Always bring your thread to the top so you do not have a knotted mess underneath your project.

If you thread paint an embroidered picture, I use two threads for the top.  I have a large cone of thread that is pictured and a bobbin of thread.  When I thread my sewing machine, I thread the two threads like they are one thread.  You may want to loosen your thread tension just a little.  You may be wondering why I have two empty bobbins on top of my bobbin full of thread.  The experience that I have had is the bobbin is so light weight that the thread spins off too fast causing some uneven stitching and it crossed my mind that a regular spool of thread would be a little heavier than a bobbin.
So the empty bobbins add just enough weight to make my stitching perfect.

This quilt top is still on my design board.
It has been there since October and I am trying to finish.
I would like to have it quilted by next Christmas--we will see!

I have a friend that needs to borrow a sewing machine that is learning how to quilt.
Do you think that I can hook her on quilting with a Singer Featherweight?
She wants to see if she likes sewing before she invests a lot of money into a sewing machine.  I hope that she finds it as enjoyable as I do.
Making quilts for others and giving them away is the best therapy there is!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fabric Picture

 Here is a picture that I printed on fabric for a gift for my son.
I used EQ fabric sheets that you can buy at

My sister has experimented with fabric pictures for many years.
She has given away many wonderful gifts such as purses, pillows, wall-hangings, and postcards over the years.
What started me on this project is my printer is getting old and won't print on glossy paper anymore, but will print on matte paper.  
I didn't have any matte photo paper to print on and remembered my printable fabric that has been waiting to be used.  
Why spend money when you can try something different with something you already have!
One thing leads to another and I ended up machine quilting the border around my son's picture and I framed it with a black picture frame.
Since I have finished my picture project, my printer has been telling me that it's tired and wants to retire.
So my printer is wants to retire and I just bought new ink cartridges!
Oh Well!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Florida Quilt Shop Hopping

It has been a flurry of activity in my life the last 4 weeks.
The excitement of the holidays and visitors to me being a visitor myself in Florida has kept me really busy.
After New Year's, I flew with my parents down to their Florida home to stay for a week's visit.
Dreams of quilt shops and sewing machines filled my head.

Instead of sugar plums--I had thoughts of Quilts on Plum Lane quilt shop located in Dade City.
This friendly quilt shop aims to please.  They have a lot of fabric and patterns from which to choose.
You can spend hours looking through books and looking at the samples hanging on their walls. 

 Last year we had visited the Fabric Warehouse located in Lakeland and I was really impressed with their store layout with sewing machines and especially their large class room.

 They have a huge supply of beautiful fabric and friendly people there to help you with anything that you would need.
Check out this vintage Singer that was brought in to be serviced.
It just looks beautiful.

 Another favorite quilt shop we had visited last year, but has closed its doors was the Patchwork Pig.
Mom and I went to a quilter's garage sale which had some of the leftover fabric and patterns from the Patchwork Pig.  I love a bargain, but it makes me sad to know that a favorite quilt shop closed.

When one quilt shop closes its doors, there's another that opens.
Mom had seen Inspire Quilting & Sewing advertised and wanted to take a drive to Plant City to check them out.
I loved their store from the first minute I walked through their door.
This jewel of a machine was in their front window.

The machine below caught my eye and I was so happy when I was given permission to take a picture.
I couldn't believe what great shape this hand-crank Singer was in.
It was late Saturday afternoon when we came for a visit and it was wonderful to see a quilt store full of happy sewers.

Quilt shops make us hungry!
Dad treated Mom and I to strawberry shortcake at Parkesdale Farm Market
If you're by Plant City during strawberry season, it is worth your trip.
They also sell lots of great tasting produce.

Rainbows End Quilt Shoppe located in Dunedin.
I think they have around 20,000 bolts of fabric.  No--I didn't count.
It is the largest quilt fabric store that I have been in.
If you leave Rainbows End Quilt Shoppe unhappy with the fabric selection, I'm not sure if anyone can ever help you.


I saved the best for last.

My most favorite small quilt shop is
Quilter's Quarters located in Zephyrhills.
It is a small shop, but has beautiful fabric and plenty of inspiration to get you started on any quilt project.  
It's also a reminder to include small quilt shops as you are shop hopping. 
 Every quilt shop has its own personality and you may even get inspired to do a quilt like my Mom's black and white Diamonds Jubilee donation quilt.

I'm back home again getting ready to teach my Ladybug Wall-hanging in a week at Sew Nice.

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne