Friday, April 8, 2011

My Mom's Sewing Room Fabric Clock, Spring Cleaning and Fire Safety

I have had Mom's Birthday present ready for a while, but I didn't want her to see her present on internet!  I wanted her to receive it first!  Linda from Soft Clox inspired my design!  Stop by and tell her I sent you.  I just love her designs!  I have a Butterfly design that I bought from her that I want to make in the near future.

 I've been spring cleaning at my house and decided to clean out my clothes dryer.  It hasn't been drying very well which tells me that it's time to take it apart and clean it.  I always pull the dryer out at least once a year to make sure there is not lint buildup, but I've never taken the front of the dryer off before.  I'm sure glad that I did!

I found this mess!  How all that lint got deposited by the heating element--I don't know!  I even found a rubber band and an ear plug!

I also found this!  Sorry the picture is a little blurred, but I thought that "a picture is worth a million words"!  We are blessed!  I'm glad that I didn't wait on Dean to do this job.  I will be taking the front of the dryer off every year and cleaning the lint out.  Please check your dryer or have someone check and clean it out this spring for you.  I don't want anyone to have a fire in their home!

Happy Quilting and Spring Cleaning!

Kay Lynne


Anonymous said...

What a lovely present for your mum Kay Lynne it looks great and she should be very pleased.
I will check my dryer today thankyou for words of wisdom its better to be safe than sorry.

Val said...

The dryer thing is a bit scary. Mine has a lint collector in the door. I don't think it blows anywhere else.
Love the clock. She can sew from one flower to the next :)
I notice you are following the Garden Party BOM. I just found it in time to get that lovely bird house.

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful clock for the sewing room!!

Those dryers certainly do collect a lot of stuff. It always amazes me when I see what is in there. Thanks for the reminder.

quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

Thanks for the dryer reminder. I was cleaning that area just today. Love the clock for Mom, can't wait to see it in person!