Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mary Ellen's Best Press Product Review , Other Sewing, & The Weather's Changing

Sometimes as a Quilter I have fabric that I can press and there's still a stubborn wrinkle that refuses to go away.  Several years ago I ran across Mary Ellen's Best Press.

So I thought that I would give it a try and to my surprise I found that it really works great.  I only use it if I have a fabric that doesn't want to press because I'm frugal and I'd rather spend money on thread or fabric.

 It does make life easier when you have wrinkles that just won't go away.  You can also use it when your husband needs a shirt pressed in a hurry, but that never happens at our house! 

I did do some sewing this week.  There's been a new jacket that the sleeves needed to be shortened.  A few buttons to be sewn on and a cuff to be mended.  

Basketball season is slowing coming to a close and

baseball is just around the corner!

I am really looking forward  to the warmer weather after such a cold winter.

I've been really busy at the bakery this week and hope you enjoy the few pictures that I took with my phone.

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


Gra said...

Those are really cool cooky and cake decorations!!!
have a nice week and enjoy the spring weather!!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the tips on removing those stubborn wrinkles from fabric. It can be so irritating to fight with the iron.

Love that alligator!

Val said...

That Best Press spray sounds interesting. For the wrinkles to iron out the fibres have to be damp. Does it just make the water go into the fibres more quickly you think. There must be a home made substitute. I might play around with that:)
I like the cookies and the cake and I have a blouse in my sewing room that I keep moving around because one day I will put the buttons on. I love your jacket.