Monday, March 25, 2013

It's All About the Feathers!

 Above is a small wall hanging that I made for a sample for a free motion quilting class I want to teach in the future.  When I quilt my feathers, I always mark the stem with a chalk line.  The feather plumes themselves are free handed in.  If you like feathers like I do, keep on practicing drawing them.  If drawing them is a problem, practice tracing your favorite feathers.  The more you practice the more it will become second nature.  Once you can draw them, you can free motion quilt them.
Your feathers will be unique and I promise you that they will not look like mine.
They will probably look better!  

The above picture is a feather made to fill in an empty space.
I am using this pattern I made up myself on my quilt challenge.

While I was shopping this week, I found a feather to hang on my sewing room wall for inspiration!
I have never quilted my feathers like this one, but it gives me some ideas for in the future.
There is inspiration everywhere I look!

Happy Quilting and Feathering!

Kay Lynne



Needled Mom said...

It looks great and I love the feather inspiration.

Gra said...

Great work, Kay!!! Feathers look so hard to do to me...but I promise one day I will try!

P. said...

Your space filler feather is really cool. I love the inspiration wall feather!

Ivory Spring said...