Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rainbows, 4H Quilts for St. V's, and Antique Quilts at a Garage Sale!

This has been a very busy week at our house.  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to do any sewing.  I've been scraping painted wallpaper in my new sewing room closet.  Since I'm remodeling, I should do it right and paint and update the closet.  There's no hurry because it's been really hot and I'm not going to ask my husband to run new electrical wiring in the attic for my new sewing room until it cools down outside.  This week we were blessed with a rainbow.

I had to work all day at the bakery and received an exciting text message from my sister that the kids gave their quilts to St. V's that afternoon and the local news had filmed them!  Unfortunately, my local news isn't the same as Jenny's.  I'm sure that someone has recorded the news story.  How exciting to be involved in something that helps others!

While driving home from work and feeling sorry for myself because I wanted to be at St. V's with my sister, I ran across a garage sale and I decided to stop.  It was hot and I didn't really want to stop, but a quilt caught my eye and I decided to stop.  What an amazing garage sale!  Guess what I bought--three antique quilts at a dirt cheap price!

This Grandmother's Flower garden quilt is in fairly good shape.  There is some fabric that needs to be replaced and a few repairs.

This pink and white quilt caught my eye.  It's in fair condition, but with a little tender loving care I can fix it.

Have you ever had your quilt teacher tell you to never fold a quilt in the same way or give a quilt a rest from hanging?  Well the picture above is why.  It has literally wore the backing and batting away over time.  My guess is that this is a 1940's quilt.  I plan on repairing this problem spot with vintage fabric so the quilt top is protected.  

Does anyone know the name of the pattern of my pink and white quilt?  Please let me know it if you do.

The third quilt is a simple nine patch.  I haven't really dated it.  It's not 1940's fabric.  I'm thinking maybe 1950's or 60's--what do you think?

This Nine Patch quilt is in really good condition.  There are a few minor repairs, but overall is in good shape.  So this was a great garage sale to come across and I wouldn't of have had the opportunity to buy these quilts if I wouldn't have had to work overtime :)

Don't forget the Friday Night Sew-In is August 20th.

Happy Quilting

Kay Lynne


Sandra said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot with those quilts! What a blessing for you, especially that they are all in good shape. Maybe you could do a post on how you will repair them:)

Theresa said...

What wonderful finds, all three of them a lovely - I think your pink one is a Winding Ways.