Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring is Really Here!

At our house spring really isn't really here until my husband gets out the corn planter and works long hours until the corn is all planted.  I help with all the odd jobs Dean doesn't have time to do.  I have been known to pick-up parts, seed, fertilizer, drive tractor, and even assist fixing farm equipment.  Last week I even learned to calibrate the sprayer--a far cry from quilting!!!  I did time a Singer Featherweight--does that count?  Even with all the work and stress on the farm it is worth spending time with my husband getting the job done.  How many women can actually say that they can work with their husband and enjoy it?

One thing about spring I always have to remind myself is to slow down and appreciate the small things such as a sunset on our farm.  Maybe this picture would make a pretty landscape quilt.  I'm ready to branch out of traditional quilting and do something different.

I have another quilt to share that my Mom made this winter.

Thanks Mom for sharing your quilt.  You can see her wall hanging in person at the 34th Annual Sauder Quilt Show.  Check out their web site at

Chicago's now a wonderful memory.  Thanks Linda, Jenny, and Mom for such a fun trip.
And yes Jenny is Quilt Crazy Gal Jenna Louise, my younger sister.  She has some pretty neat stuff on her quilt blog.

Happy Quilting
Kay Lynne


Sandra said...

What a great photo of the sunset. I almost didn't notice the tractor. Another pretty quilt from "mom". She must have had a productive winter.

quiltcrazygal said...

Nice photo, Mom's quilt is way fun I saw it last week. Hope all is well. Jenna