Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quilting Retreat & Thread Painted Firemen Sneek Peek

Last weekend I spent time making a donation quilt at our quilt club's retreat.  It was a relaxing, noisy, and great time with friends.

My friend, Jo Ann, had been wonderful in letting us use her basement--Thank You!
 Yes--that is me in the picture below  :)

Here are some of the finished quilts that have been made by our quilt members.

 Guess who was at the retreat!  My blogging friend, Sandi, from Sew in Peace!

I'm working on a new project.  The photographer from my local newspaper had taken a neat picture of the firemen that were fighting the fire and he has given me permission to thread paint his picture!
Here is a sneak peek!  

I received a few personal cake decorating tools that I used at the bakery and to my surprise my books actually were in good condition.
One book had gotten a little damp and smoky, but I let it air out for about two weeks and dry ironed the pages.  It will be ready to be used again.  I would like to thank Steve and Debbie for their thoughtfulness in salvaging my personal tools.  This has been a really rough time for them and for them to think of me and my coworker's personal items was really thoughtful. 

I miss my bakery family which also includes more customers than I can count.
If I have an errand in town, people are always stopping me asking when the bakery will reopen.  The outpouring of concern and love has been overwhelming!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne 


Carol said...

Hi Kay, glad the bakery family salvaged some of your equipment for you. And I'm glad you could fix your book.

That quilt you showed in the first picture...what did you name it? It looks like rows of stairsteps!

Nice job with the firemen thread painting. Can you show the finished project when you're done with it?

Take care,
Carol (NJ)

Anonymous said...

Kay Lynne i am so sorry about the fire,i have just read about it,hope you are all healthy and well and take care,you are on your new journey in the chapter of life.xx

P. said...

First, I love the donation quilt. Your daisies between the stippling looks really nice. The firemen thread painting is really well done! Amazing what you can do with your thread painting skills. Glad to hear some things got salvaged from the fire.

Ivory Spring said...

Love that first quilt!

Fleurette said...

So sorry about the fire! wonderful thread work and love the quilt you are working on.

Anonymous said...

Your donation quilt is lovely! The machine quilting really sets it off. Can't wait to see your fireman picture. Looks like it is coming together nicely!

Enjoyed sewing with you at the retreat:)

Sandra said...

The machine quilted flowers in your donation quilt turned out beautiful and I love that cheerful yellow fabric! Enjoyed sitting with you at the quilt retreat. Thanks again for inviting me:)

Oh! And your tread painting project is stunning!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

I belive you have had a great time sewing with friends, all quilters are nice people *smile*