Saturday, March 24, 2012

Firemen Thread Painting & Farm Activity

My thread painting is coming right along.  I would like to thank Randy Roberts a photographer that has given me permission to thread paint his copyrighted photo.  I have been trying to work at it one baby step at a time  It's hard when the weather is warm and there is so much to do.

My husband is rearranging farm equipment so he has room to work on the planter.
Backing a grain combine header into the barn with a pickup truck is not an easy task!

 After several tries and hand signals from me, it finally was backed into a perfect spot.
Even though the fields are barren right now there has been a lot of activity at our farm: 
mountains of paperwork from taxes, 
planning what we're going to plant, 
hauling grain to the elevator, 
buying of fertilizer, 
buying of seed, 
and many activities too numerous to mention.

Hope you have a wonderful week and see a wonderful sunrise like this one we seen this week.

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


Carol said...

Your thread painted firemen scene is looking very nice! Good job!

I hear ya on all the springtime work, especially for you on the farm. I'm just a casual gardener in my postage-stamp sized yard, but I haven't really puttered in it for several years now since I have very little time to keep up with weeding and such. I keep telling myself one day I will, after my mom is gone.

Take time to come up for air, Kay. ;-)

Carol (NJ)

Val said...

Your thread painting is amazing. I just love the warbler and the firemen look like they have actually been drawn. Such lovely work. I have a lot of respect for farmers. They certainly work hard all year round. Thank you :)
Your sunrise is stunning. Hope your days are just as wonderful.

Sandra said...

You are making some real progress on the fireman thread painting. Keep up the good work:)

Gra said...

What an amazing work you are doing!!! Congratulations!!!!
I am sure the farm keeps you busy, but the nice weather makes it easier, doesn´t it? Beautiful sunrise!