Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taking the "Drag" Out of Free Motion Quilting Part 2 & Harvest

I have had several quilting friends ask me to keep them up-to-date on my thoughts on hanging up quilts as you free motion.  This size is a lap quilt, which is a lot larger than the baby quilt that I worked on a few weeks ago.  There has been no problem.  The clamps give me the extra hands to keep things going smoothly.  I really think that more people would quilt larger quilts if there wasn't so much drag.  If you have some better ideas, please share :)

Thank you Leah for such a great idea!  It has changed my way of free motion quilting!

This week has been a blur of activity.  We started combining beans and things were going really well until a main shaft in the combine broke.  Taking things apart and putting it back together all takes time.  It can be very upsetting when you find that you put a part in backwards, which Dean did.  These things happen when you're tired and in a hurry.  Sometimes in farming there is a small window of time in which you need to get a job done or you just don't have an income.  So if you know a farmer that is a little stressed, give him a friendly smile which will make his day :)

 These pictures were taken within a few minutes of each other--just different directions.

Happy Quilting

Kay Lynne


Quilting By Jeannie said...

Beautiful pictures enjoy seeing landscapes. I always think they would look good on a quilt

Carol said...

I'm glad your invention is helping you with larger quilts as your quilt them. Looks so neat!

Good luck with the equipment...hope it all holds out until the job is done.

Carol (NJ)

P. said...

The system you've rigged up looks like a great idea! Love the photos. Hope the equipment is back in service by now.

Sandra said...

Looks like you are making real progress on your quilt! It will be interesting to see how the hanging system works on larger quilts.

Beautiful sunset photo:)

Needled Mom said...

I love the idea of the clamps to take some of the drag off the quilt.

Good luck with the harvest.