Monday, October 31, 2011

A Surprise in My Machine, I Spy Fabrics, A Pink Reminder, & Harvest Update

I bought a used backup sewing machine for a really great price.  I was told by the previous owner's daughter-in-law that it hadn't been used at all.  It sewed perfectly when I received it and I decided to take it to my local Bernina dealer to have it serviced earlier this month.  When I picked it up, my repair person just had to show me what she found inside my machine.  It was thread that had gotten caught on my fly wheel and it must have unwrapped a whole spool of thread!  My guess is the previous owner had two spools of thread on the machine and the one that was not in use had gotten caught in the fly wheel.  I am so happy that I didn't use this machine hard or it could have melted the thread right into the plastic inside of the fly wheel.  I wanted you to be aware that this could happen if you have an extra spool sitting on your machine that isn't in use.

Below are some of my fabrics that are in the I Spy Fabric Swap before giving them to Sandi.  I am collecting I Spy Fabrics now before I need them.  I'm excited to see what fabric I will get from the swap.

I was shopping at Jo Ann Fabrics and found this pink rotary cutter and thought that all of us need a pink reminder to be screened every year.  We all have people that depend on us and we need to take care of ourselves.

About half the trees have lost their leaves, but there is still a little color out there.  Everything this last week has been at the last minute.  There have been last minute visits, last minute surprises, and last minutes running around, but it was a great week!

Even though it's not really fit to be out in the field because it has rained so much, it was decided that we couldn't delay combining corn any longer.  I'm happy that we didn't get stuck in the mud!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


Needled Mom said...

That is quite the birds nest of thread. Glad you decided to have it serviced first.

My cousin finished their harvesting last week and then laid a bit of tile in a troubled field.

I'm excited to see our I Spy fabrics too. Great idea to start collecting early.

Sandra said...

My first reaction to your story about the thread is that it looked like a bird's nest. I guess great minds think alike. LOL So happy to see that you were able catch this issue before it became a real problem. Who knew such things could happen?

Hope the harvest goes well for you!

Val said...

Lucky you saved your machine. It pays to have them serviced regularly. I love the eye spy fabrics. The cake one looks different. Good to see that your farming went well.