Sunday, November 14, 2010

Grandpa's Hammer, Old Sewing Room, and I Spy

You would be so proud of me.  I put up wood trim strips all by myself in my sewing room closet doorway.  It's not perfect, but it will work.  Sometime in the next few months I will shop for a new closet door.  I would rather keep the old, but the old door opened into the closet, which takes away closet space.  Also if you have small children, it's not the best plan because closet clutter can trap a child inside the closet and it's a terrible when you cannot open the door and the child is trapped inside!  We talked our son out and he now has quite a story to tell his kids someday.

My Grandpa not only farmed, but he also was a carpenter.  He loved making furniture and small items for anyone who asked.  He only charged for the supplies and never for his time or labor.  Our family has quite a bit of furniture that he has made.  I think that there is something that he has made in every room in our house.  Eventually, age and cancer took Grandpa to a better place.  There are little things like his hammer that makes me smile.  My Mom and Dad had given it to me for a keepsake and I actually use it once in a while. 

I installed some little shelves that were leftover pieces from the closet organizer that weren't needed.  So for the time being I put little cute items on the shelves just for fun.  Cone thread would also fit nicely.   I like the idea of making every inch of my closet useful.

I wanted to thank all you for such nice comments on my new closet, but I wanted you to know that as a quilting artist things can get messy and unorganized and that is okay :)

My old sewing room is still intact.  There are always several projects going on and I don't always have my sewing room in perfect order.

 Just wanted to show you that I'm working on being organized just like you
Or maybe you should be giving me advice!

 Sandi is having an I Spy Swap.  If you want to join us, please let Sandi know as soon as possible.

The weather has been beautiful this last week and warm for this time of year.

Happy Quilting

Kay Lynne


Sandra said...

It is a constant challenge to keep my sewing room organized while I'm working on a project. I guess if it never got messy, I wouldn't be using it. lol!

Looks like you are sucessfully making every inch of that closet useful:)

Needled Mom said...

I have my dad's old hammer too and I love it - paint spots and all.

Looks like you are really getting organized there. Yeah!