Sunday, September 5, 2010

Memories, Painting, and Tomato harvest

My Aunt Linda bought a white Singer Featherweight off of Ebay a few months ago.  I promised her that I would clean and do a few adjustments to the tension.

It brought back many memories of Grandma Dolores.  She had little machine just like this one and I remember watching her sew.  My mom now owns Grandma's machine and she encouraged Linda to get one just like it.  So a several months ago there were furies of emails back and forth about this little gem of a machine and Linda was the blessed person that won the machine!  We had the opportunity to get together this weekend and share memories.

Pictured above are my Grandparents and they were such an inspiration to me.  They are why I'm not afraid to sew,  to decorate a cake, or to hold a hammer in my hand.  I was also taught by them how to hold a marriage together--they were married 64 years :)  I just hope that I can set a great example like they did.

Now that our house is resided, it's time to paint the gingerbread on the house.

So I spent some time everyday painting on the porch trying to work in the shade.  It was extremely hot so I even had a small fan on top of the ladder aimed at me to keep the air moving.  A fan on top of a tall latter probably looked funny from the road, but it sure helped.  Dean helped me when he could, which speeds up a dreaded job.

Our house is 111 years old and I think that it's amazing that this gingerbread is in such good condition.  We have one post that Dean will have to fix because the wood is rotting at the bottom.  I hate painting, but it's worth keeping the historical features on our house intact.

The tomatoes are all harvested on our farm.  The pictures tell the story.

As summer draws to a close and a fall is upon us.  Don't forget to look around and see the beauty all around us--actually that is a reminder to me.

I need to think about doing a landscaping quilt.  Isn't this a beautiful sunrise :)

Happy Quilting  and Happy Labor Day!

Kay Lynne


Irina said...

Oh! Such a beautiful photo of your grandparents!
That's so great your aunt won the auction, it looks like a great machine.
and the tomatoes... makes me think of my homeconutry! beautiful shots altogether!

Gra said...

I love the sunrise picture, you are right it is beautiful.
But I also love that sewing machine. Did it en up working just fine??
You have a very nice house and the painting is looking good. Nice work!
I was thinking on having a tomate salad tonight but forgot to buy this morning. Can you send some, please?!!!! haha!!!

quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

I'm so glad AL bought that sewing machine! She will enjoy it and the memories it will bring to her. The house looks nice. We had a nice vacation, it was too short.

Christina said...

A beautiful post, visually and emotionally!

MaksiTaksi said...

Nice pictures of your grandparents, and I love the sewingmachine.
And do you now why its green around me....I love tomatoes but here they are to expensive most of the time and my own harvest in my garden was rained!
Take care