Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Heroes and Summer Flowers

My husband's fire pager went off a few days ago while he was at work on a very hot afternoon.  I half listened until I heard the location of where the fire was at and realized that the fire was just down the road from our home.  I'm never happy about fires, but this was only a wheat stubble fire and it wasn't going to harm anyone's buildings.  I'm sure that the heat and smoke didn't help the corn field that is north of this burning field.

Anyone who is willing to put on fire gear on a 90 degree plus day and willing to work out in the hot sun to put out a fire is a special person in my book.  I'm proud of my husband for wanting to be a volunteer fireman and giving back to the community.  There have been joyful experiences and heartbreaking ones, but being there for someone in need is what life is all about!  Firemen--they are true unrecognized heroes!

Even though my house is being resided, I do have a few pretty flowers that have escaped being trampled on!  The broken mug above was given to me by my sister.  Why would she give me a broken mug?  She knows that I like pottery and the cute little gingerbread man would look great in my flower bed.   
My sister has some of the neatest flowerbeds with so many surprises.  Check out some of her older posts and you will see that she even has a sewing machine in her flowerbed on her May 28th post!  You can find her at
What an honorable way to retire a sewing machine that otherwise would be in the landfill!

Don't forget the Friday Night Sew-In is this week!

Happy Quilting

Kay Lynne

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Sandra said...

Volunteer firefighters are heros in my book too. We are blessed to have men willing to serve the community.

Pretty flowers! Glad to see they escaped the siding adventure.