Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knee High by the 4th of July????

This is a picture of our corn on the west side of our house on Father's Day, June 20th.

The picture below was the size of the corn around May 9th.

Amazing!  Maybe that is why my Grandpa used to say that he could hear the corn grow!
We do have some farmers that are still planting their fields in our area.  This has been an extremely wet planting season.  I hope that the area farmers have had some time to finish planting.

Besides quilting, I always have a project or two going.  Below is a small cabinet that I stripped and refinished.  I also did the tiling on the door.  It will store all my cone thread in my future sewing room.

If you decide to do a project like this, remember that it will make the door heavy.  I used bigger screws on the hinges so it will hold the weight.  We will see how it will hold over time.  A tiled table project sounds like fun for in the future, but for now I have some remodeling to do for my bigger sewing room.

I also bought a decoration for my sewing room at a garage sale.

This machine brings back many memories.  When I was growing up Mom bought a Golden Touch and Sew Singer.  As soon as the machine was home, I was so eager to sit down and try it out.  Then I had seen all the levers and dials, which sort of scared me off.  I loved sewing on Mom's old reliable Singer 201.  Eventually, I did sew on Mom's prized machine and it opened many doors into the sewing and quilting world that has brought many opportunities into my life.

Mom has been to a garage sale and also found another prized machine, a Singer 301!

This machine is a sister to the Singer Featherweight.  If you check out the Sew in Peace under my blog list,  you will see that Sandi's 301 is black.  I am sure that the history behind these machines are just as interesting as the Featherweights.  Thanks mom for letting me share your new treasure.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day last weekend.  I'm well blessed with a wonderful Dad and Dad-in-law.  I want to thank you both for being there for me--it means a lot!

Happy Quilting

Kay Lynne


Needled Mom said...

Having grown up in corn and bean growing country, those sayings are all too familiar.

Love the old machines. I remember my first special Singer. It had cams that you dropped in for different stitches. It's amazing how far we have come.

Sandra said...

Nice job on the tiled cabinet door. This will really look nice in your new sewing space. The Singer 301 is an awesome machine. I'm sure your mom will enjoy using it. Great find!

quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

If you need me to "babysit" your little touch and sew I can do that for you:) I absolutely love it! So cool:) It would look nice in my sewing room...ha! Have a good holiday!