Monday, February 11, 2013

What I've Been Up To

Last Monday I spent the morning sandwiching my Christmas quilt together.  Actually I sandwiched it twice.  The first time it I sandwiched it, I was afraid there were going to be puckers on the back.
When you put so much time and effort into something, I decided to redo it.
It is better to fix mistakes now than later.
I think my biggest mistake was not asking for help.
A queen size quilt is really large to sandwich together by myself and it is not my favorite thing to do.  I've also considered having a long arm quilter baste it for me with water soluble thread and not have the irritation!

Last year I bought a DVD from Lisa Calle called Divide and Design.   She is an award winning long arm quilter.  I was introduced to her through Connected Threadz.  She had posted some videos on YouTube.  I took time to watch the DVD and follow her instructions on how she designs her quilts.  
After spending a whole evening contemplating designs,  I made a plan.
I love Lisa's way of designing and wish I could take a class from her in person, but I am extremely thankful that Lisa took time to make a video.
I am the type of person that will sit down without a plan on how I'm going to quilt and start quilting!
That's okay for some quilts, but I want this one to be special.

This is going to take me a long time to quilt on my domestic machine, but it's not impossible.
I work on one block at a time and start in the center.
My quilt top is both spray and pin basted.

 The secret to free motion quilting a project like this is to work on one block at a time.
I take a lot of breaks and learn to walk away when I'm tired.

Today is going to be a beautiful day!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


Needled Mom said...

It is really going to be a beauty. I love the depth that the quilting adds. Thanks for the links.

Ivory Spring said...

Oh my, that's going to be a stunner! I love love love love what I am seeing.

Fleurette said...

Wow stunning! I absolutely love your quilt.