Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feathers in the FMQ Challenge with Diane Gaudynski

Here is my practice piece for the FMQ Challenge.  Thank you Diane for taking your time for the wonderful  tutorial for the  FMQ Challenge.  Diane's quilting was first introduced to me in 2006 at the International Quilt Show through a lady in the vendor's area selling a book called "Quilt Savvy Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook".  Domestic machine quilting was not new to me and I had even taught machine quilting classes, but Diane's book started making me think outside the box of meandering.  Her book also made me feel better about taking my Bernina darning foot to the bench grinder several years before out of frustration--my husband though that I was crazy at the time until he understood what I was doing.   Being able to see what you're quilting is a good thing.  Diane's wonderful book also introduced me to flowing feathers that reminded me of my Grandmother and her quilting friends that were always hand quilting a beautiful quilt in the school basement during my grade-school years.

I've been quilting feathers for several years now and I really enjoy sitting down and only drawing a curve on my quilt and filling in the rest free hand.  Yes--you can do it!  I started with a sketch pad and practiced drawing and practiced and practiced and more practice.  The next step I did was potholders.  I learned that potholders make wonderful gifts and they don't have to be perfect.  The ugly feathered potholders went in my kitchen drawer to be used for everyday.  Eventually I worked with bigger projects with feathers.

 My feathers are a little different than Diane's.  I backtrack my plumes, because I thought that my stitching wasn't good enough.  Now I think that it looks good either way.  I usually backtrack my stems and Diane has me thinking that quilting in a vein really isn't that bad.

Your feathers and my feathers will never look exactly like Diane's because we're all unique people and that is just fine!  I'm thankful for all the quilters out there that are willing to share their feather posts.
Happy Quilting and Happy Feathering!

Kay Lynne


Anonymous said...

Your feathers are absolutely stunning! I hope many of the challenge participants will read your post - you're absolutely right that our feathers will never look like Diane's nor anyone else's. That's what makes quilting so wonderful - each one is unique and beautiful in its own way!
Pat in Oregon

Wendy said...

All of that practice must have paid off because your feathers are very beautiful.

Sandra said...

Beautiful job on the quilted feathers! I also like the different styles of echo quilting that surround the feather.

Needled Mom said...

Those are really stunning!!! You did an amazing job.

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to get over my fear and just jump in. Your feathers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. Happy Quilting!

Lourdes said...

Que bonito!

Un beso

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

wow, I think your feathers are perfect!
If you´ll visit my blog again, you´ll see that I gave the feather another chance. First a tiny one (6x6"), but I´m ready to try an bigger one soon *lol*
Liebe Grüße

Diane Wild said...

Your feathers are beautiful. I'm also a backtracker; but, practicing Diane's method make my feathers look nicer. I'm still practicing and almost ready to move to the project piece and post.