Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Last Round & The Last Leaves

I bet you thought that I was going to post about the last round on a quilt--sorry.  It's the last round my husband is making in our corn field.  It's a round that makes you smile and say it's finally finished!  This has been a rough farming season with all the rain we have had.  We are well blessed by not having the combine or the tractor and wagons get stuck in the mud.  I've heard of some horror stories of farmers getting the combine stuck and the their tractor stuck--what a mess!

I didn't get stuck, but did make some deep tracks.  This happened at night and I'm glad that I didn't stop with two loaded wagons so I would sink.  My husband made sure that I knew he seen the tracks and teased me about them.

Our neighbor gave me a big scare when I thought his combine maybe on fire, but I realized that he was combining beans that had been flooded.  He sure made a big dust cloud the covered the neighborhood!

 We have one last tree that just won't give up her leaves.  This week she just started to turn pretty colors.  Winter's on the way!


Maybe I'll be able to quilt soon when all the harvest work is done.  I'm tired, but it's a good kind of tired.  Working with my husband the last few weeks has been a real enjoyable gift!

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


Carol said...

I bet you are glad the harvest is in and the fields are cleaned up! Farming sounds so hard! I hope you can spend lots of time quilting now. By the way, I tried to reply to your last post and got an error message…this has happened to some other blogs too, when I’ve tried to reply. Not sure why it does that; maybe Blogger is being a nuisance? So this time I’m typing out what I want to say in Word and then will copy/paste so I don’t have to start over if it doesn’t “take”!

Carol (NJ)

Fleurette said...

I'm impressed that you can drive that machine. The tree is very pretty.