Friday, May 27, 2011

May Giveaway Day Winner & Hail on the Farm

We have a winner from my random number generator, my husband picking a number while raking leaves.  He picked the #52, which is Stephanie of Black Coffee Quilts.  Congratulations Stephanie!
Did you catch what I said?  Dean was raking leaves off our driveway because it hailed Wednesday.

Our hail was small compared to the hail a few miles from our home.  Other people had golf ball sized hail.

 This was one time I was really scared during the storm.  My son, a flight dispatcher, has always told me that "Hail=Tornado Warning".  We did not have a tornado, but the hail sure made me worry about having one.

Still with all the turmoil we need to see the blessings in the grass.  
If you click on the picture below, look close and you will see a baby fawn that had gotten caught in the storm.  I am sure that the mother deer found her because this was the only time we seen it.

 We had some damage to our wheat, but it's not a total loss.

We usually harvest wheat in early July and June is the month that the grain heads fill out.  The bent heads will probably not fill out because the plant is damaged.  We have hail insurance, but it won't cover the whole loss, but that's farming.  Our corn is still small and will grow back.

We also had a lot of rain and there are a lot of fields under water, but it will eventually dry off.

Things always seem to work out.

Please keep those who are suffering weather disasters around the world in your thoughts.  Our cousins in Joplin, Missouri are alive and safe.  It was such a joy Monday when I received an email that they were alright and their house was still there!

Happy Quilting

Kay Lynne

P.S.  I will be posting a Thread Painting Tutorial on Sunday :)


Gra said...

Hi Kay! I have been having a lot of problem getting in blogger, don´t know why.
Sorry to hear about the hail!!! It is just too bad everything that is going on with tornados, rain, and other natural disasters. very scary. I am glad to hear your cousin is fine. Have a nice weekend!

Carol said...

Wow, Kay. I'm glad you guys are all right and so are your relatives in Joplin! The earth is such a scary place these days.

I'm looking forward to learning about Thread Painting!

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much. It's beautiful.

P. said...

Sorry about your hailstorm. It must be so disheartening when that's happening, but you seem to have a good attitude. Hope the rest of the growing season is smooth sailing!

Irina said...

oh no! I hope you can recover quickly and save most of the crop