Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free Motion Radiant Designs and Spirals & Progress on Sewing Room

Pictured above are my radiant designs.  Since the designs are hard to see, I took a picture of the back of my quilt.  I filled in the background to give it a little more texture. 

Below are my spirals.  At first I didn't like them, but once you into the rhythm of doing them they are addicting.

If you remember, I painted my new sewing room in July.  I stenciled the walls and we laid 80% of the laminate flooring in August.  I started stripping painted wallpaper in the closet that was three layers deep.  After spending four hours doing a 12" by 12" area, my husband suggested that we panel the closet instead.  I decided that was a great idea!  The closet has been half done since August and we now have it almost finished!  The paneling is dark, but it's only a closet.  Dean left his square downstairs in the garage so I'm letting him borrow my large quilting square.  So ladies--I think that I will have to hide my square because Dean liked using my square way too much!  Little does he know that I use my quilting tools for other things than quilting.

I spent several hours this week putting together a closet organizer.  Once we finish the flooring, I will be able to set up my sewing room closet.  Progress has been slow, but family, friends, work, and farming obligations have taken priority.  My old sewing room is still in working order so I'm happy with the progress.  This summer I couldn't make up my mind on what type of flooring to use so I'm going to use both carpet and laminate flooring.  I would like to thank you ladies for all the advice on what flooring to use.  The carpet you can see in the picture is leftover carpet from my father-in-law.  He was so thoughtful in giving it to me and it was at the right price--free!  I had the edges bound at a carpet shop.  So I will have the better of two types of flooring. 

Here is a beautiful October sunset taken west of our house.  The landscape has really changed since all the crops have been harvested.  Dean finished combining the double crop beans this week.  He has some fall tillage to do, but the high pressure of harvest is over.  I'm so thankful we had a safe harvest.

Please think about joining us next week in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  It's always a pleasure to see other quilter's creations.  The link is posted on the right. 
If you have thought about joining the Free Motion Quilt Along, now is the time to think about joining.  Christina has some family obligations and will be taking two weeks off.  So you have two weeks to get started and to catch-up with us.  If you don't want to do a quilt, I suggest doing potholders.  You get practice and a new potholder all at the same time and who doesn't need a new potholder! 

Happy Quilting!

Kay Lynne


P. said...

Your spirals look great! I am a little behind, but I did do the doodling while on vacation. Need to practice it again before I try FMQing it, probably tomorrow. The spirals kind of intimidate me, but I'll keep moving on, for better or worse!

Sandra said...

Looks like you are learning some useful new techinques. Very nice!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

It all looks great! I love how you filled in the background with the little flower vines. Love the square spiral, too!
It's a relief when harvest is over. I grew up on a wheat farm and remember that feeling!