Monday, May 31, 2010

A Red Mustang, A Wedding, Planting Beans, and Memorial Day

There's been a lot of activity at our house the last few weeks.  My son and daughter-in-law came for a visit with a surprise!  A new red Mustang that I can drive,

But I'm just a little too big!  Oh well it was a nice dream while it lasted.  So a cute little red car is upstairs with a sheet over it waiting for a little one to enjoy it someday.  Nathan has wanted a Mustang for several years and Jeanna wanted to get him one.  Jeanna and her Mom found this beauty at a rock bottom price!  It even has seat belts and a CD player!  (I haven't tried the CD player, although my CD's are probably too big!)
We loved every minute they were here to visit and were sad to see them go home.

It was nice to have both my sons' home at the same time!
(They don't like to pose for pictures!)

Spring planting has taught us patience this year.  This has been a very rainy spring.  We received our April showers in May, but we are now blessed with everything now in the ground.

Yesterday, it was dry enough to plant.  Dean did take enough time to eat dinner.

He also took time to check out the tomato plants that were planted on the farm this week--while eating!

There was time earlier in the week to play with Toby and to notice the beautiful flowers that were in bloom.

This weekend we also went to our friend's daughter's wedding.

Best Wishes and Blessings on your marriage Drew and Laura!

This weekend I hung up flags for Memorial Day in honor of our veterans.  I have no words to say except Thank You!
(The flags pictured are the fifty star American flag, Boston Tea Party flag, 1976 flag, forty-eight star flag, Ohio flag, and Betsy Ross flag.)

Next post I will give some more tips on binding.

Happy Quilting,

Kay Lynne 

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quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend:) I drove tractor for three days before the rain started in...even planted some:) The rows won't be very straight but that is okay:) I love the flags, very cool! Jenna